5 Wedding Trends for 2016

Here are some of the hottest trends you’re going to see at the Best Weddings of 2016. Click for a downloadable copy of the Lauren Sharon Design & Rentals Trends report:  TRENDS

Blog 5 Trends

Photo credit: 1. Lemon Tree from PlantingDirections.com 2. Marquee Lights by My Marquee SD. 3. Geode Cake by Intricate Icing Cake Design . 4. Marble Invitations- Bliss & Bone as seen on Burnett’s Boards 5. Pop Up Party by Lauren Sharon Design & Rentals

Live Plants: Live plants perk up any space but we especially love them for lounges, bars and any where you want to make a statement. Groupings of plants not only make the space inviting, they are proven to make people happier!

Lauren Sharon Design & Rentals is San Diego’s only rental company that includes live plant rentals in its design packages. We won’t leaf you on your own to pull off this trend!

Marquee Lights: You  saw this trend light up in 2015 and it’s still burning bright!
We LOVE marquees for fun messages, oversized and generally making a statement- pun very much intended.

Lauren Sharon Design & Rentals has a collection of marquee letters and partners with My Marquee SD, San Diego’s PREMIER marquee rental company. So whatever you’re trying to say, we’ll hook you up- WORD!

Rocks & Crystals: All types of stones and especially CRYSTALS are ROCKin’ the design world! The two hottest stones are Amethyst (purple: CALM, BALANCE) and Rose Quartz (pink: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, ROMANCE.)

Where to use this motif: Lounge- rock crystal lamps! Bar- Rock candy stir sticks AND Table Settings- crystal escort cards or choose a napkin/linen that features a crystalized pattern!

Marble: You can’t escape the stone influences. One might say you’re between a rock and a bunch of bad puns! Marble is elegant, natural and timeless. It’s probably the trend with the longest legs so get ready to see it around for a long time- WOOHOO!

We love Marble invitations, cakes, cake stands, dining tables, lounge, decor- it’s literally everywhere and we’re good with it!

Lauren Sharon Design & Rentals focuses on YOUR favorite things when creating a custom wedding design. We take inspiration from the latest trends, your personal style & interests and bring them together for your PICTURE PERFECT wedding. Ask us how we can make your wedding look & feel amazing from start to finish.

The Extended Wedding: Why should you limit yourself to just one day? We say keep celebrating! Wedding festivities are starting sooner and ending later- with brunches, pre-parties and of course, the AFTERPARTY, there’s really no end to YOUR BIG DAY! (or WEEK!)

Lauren Sharon Design & Rentals has a unique product called the Pop Up Picnic. This signature service is our answer to easy wedding events. Invite up to 30 people and we’ll take care of the location, food, drinks & ambiance. It’s that easy to book your showers, rehearsal dinners, even the morning after brunch. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of mimosas handy.

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