September 23, 2013 – A Fall Favorite

It is officially fall. Even if I didn’t have a calendar on my phone, I could tell when I woke up today. It’s the first morning in months I’ve had to put socks on to walk around my San Diego house comfortably. It’s kind of nice, though. The cold weather reminds me that the holidays are on their way and with them, big family meals!

I’d like to use this post to talk about an essential yet (literally) overlooked piece in the holiday puzzle: the dining room table. We eat and drink on it. We talk and laugh over it. We gather and make memories around it. It should be as special as the people sitting at it.

Make sure you show your table some love this holiday season. And if you don’t have one or need an extra to fit your family around for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or just a regular old dinner party, we’re happy to offer you one of ours. These are a few of my personal favorites from the Lauren Sharon Vintage Rentals collection:

Vintage dining tables Vintage dining tables Vintage dining tables

Happy fall!

– Jaimee

Click here to see the Lauren Sharon Vintage Shop Rentals inventory


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